At PCI we recognize that quality educators have been and will continue to be vital in PCI's success and, more importantly, in the success of its students. It takes an adventurous, passionate, and motivated teacher to relocate to a foreign country and culture, but in spite of this, or maybe because of it, we have great teachers who devote themselves to helping the students of the greater Lake Atitlan area whole-heartedly. PCI works to provide as much support as necessary to all our teachers and their living situations.

While a teaching certificate is not a requirement to teach at PCI at the moment, we do favor candidates who do have one or have previous teaching experience. Moreover, because PCI is a small school, we expect that teachers to fulfill other valuable roles necessary to foster an excellent learning environment in addition to being prepared to teach class each day.

The hiring process begins in March; after the current PCI faculty indicates if they intend to stay on to teach for another year. All positions are filled at this time (Summer 2017). The school year starts in September and ends in June

Core Teachers (7-12th grade):

English Teacher — Filled
English Teacher #2 —Filled
Science Teacher —Filled
Science #2 Teacher  —Filled
History Teacher — Filled
Math Teacher — Filled

Supplemental Teachers (7-12th grade):

Spanish Teacher (10-12) — filled
Spanish Teacher (7-9) — filled
English Language Learners Program Teacher — filled
Art Teacher (7-12) — filled
Physical Education Teacher — filled
Accounting Teacher — filled
Kaqchikel teacher — filled
Dance teacher — filled


Administrative Director — filled
Technical Director — filled
Secretary — filled

How to Apply to PCI?

If you are interested in any of the open positions, fill out required documents and email them to


☐ Completed all parts of the application form

☐ Enclosed a copy of your passport

☐ Enclosed a copy of your provincial or state teaching license

☐ Enclosed a copy of your Curriculum Vitae (resume)

☐ Made provision for two letters of reference

☐ Signed and dated the Application

Why Teach at PCI?

Here is what a few of our teachers have to say about why they came to Guatemala to teach at Panajachel Colegio Internacional, and why they love it!

"I love living here in Panajachel and teaching at PCI. The staff, faculty, and students at PCI are hard working, intelligent, and very positive. They make me feel right at home." - Daniel Radin

"There is a true feeling of family that is fostered in PCI and that extends out to the community" - Alex Eschenbach

"This year was my first time in Guatemala, and it has been a great learning experience. I feel so fortunate to have been immediately included into the PCI family. A real highlight for me this year was seeing the whole school dressed-up in "traje tipico" during the parades and connecting at a deeper level with the Lake Atitlan community. From the long parade days, to all of the hard work that went into our Christmas play, I have been so impressed with the level of excellence the school exudes." - Lee Wise