Panajachel Colegio Internacional is a U.S. curriculum college preparatory school for grades 7-12, located in Panajachel, Guatemala. Our goal is to offer the best possible international education available for students of all cultural backgrounds, and we believe that a student's attitude is the most important element in achieving that goal. Our principal requirement for all students interested in attending PCI is that they and their parents understand the commitment they are undertaking and agree to devote the time and energy necessary to be successful. We believe that the rewards earned through hard work are as satisfying as any other joys life has to offer.

All students applying to PCI need to satisfy conduct and historical scholastic requirements. Students with a below average academic record and/or discipline problems may be accepted on a probationary basis only upon the recommendation of the Director, and then only if there is a reason to believe existing services provided by PCI can bring the student up to the required levels of performance and behavior within one semester.

As this is an American Curriculum and English is the language of the texts and the instruction, students must be able to function at an appropriate level in English for the academic work that is required. Students whose English is deemed by the PCI administration to be inadequate may be required to raise their level of comprehension through additional language preparation, on a space available basis. Additional English language classes will be offered to them through PCI's English Language Learner's Program.

All admission decisions and grade placements are conditional. A student may be asked to leave if their admissions information is found to be mistaken or misleading. Please read carefully the following information that will help guide you through the admission process in order to ensure your child’s admission is expedited as quickly as possible, and their education outcome is the very best possible.


Checklist for Application

  • Report card(s) from previous school(s), including three years of academic record

  • One recent picture

  • Passport or birth certificate and birth certificate, for international students

  • Birth certificate, for national students

  • English access test with school representative

  • Parent Student Interview at PCI

  • Minimum payment of one month tuition and annual inscription and materials fee

  • Letter of solvency from previous school

  • Completed PCI Student Registration form