About us:

Panajachel Colegio Internacional is a non-profit, Board of Trustee governed, student-centered school with an environment that requires students to take responsibility for their learning and behavior. Students are at the center of each decision we will make as a school, and we believe that is what makes Panajachel Colegio Internacional stand out as a school of excellence.

For the current school year we have assembled a rich team of teachers and administrators who bring a wealth of educational knowledge, experience, and skills to our school. In conjunction with the support of a highly diversified and engaged Board of Trustees, parents and community, we will be able to deliver the highest quality education possible to your children, our students.

Mission and Vision

PCI’s mission is to serve the Lake Atitlan region of Guatemala by providing an outstanding bilingual education — English and Spanish — to a diverse international, regional and indigenous student body in a challenging environment of educational excellence. We endeavor to guide our students to their highest potential by encouraging hard work, responsibility, critical thinking, social accountability, and independence in learning.

We provide a balanced social, physical, and academic curriculum in an atmosphere of mutual respect, dignity, and trust, thereby equipping our students to be productive citizens in the changing global society. We utilize advanced methods, resources, and technology in innovative and authentic ways to enhance learning and communication.

We Believe... 

  • We are a community of learners—students, faculty, and parents—working together to build a safe, supportive, and challenging environment for educational excellence.

  • Student opinions and ideas are vital; students are empowered to achieve at their highest potential when they are actively involved and share responsibility for their own learning.

  • A quality education enables students to make positive life choices in caring for themselves, others, and the environment.

  • Independence of spirit is essential in exploring, communicating, and defending our beliefs.

  • Diversity strengthens and enriches the climate and culture of our school; it helps us to recognize and appreciate the unique qualities and contributions of each individual.

  • Multilingual learning encourages respectful collaboration and leads to better cultural understanding.

  • In order to grow we must embrace change, take chances, and be challenged by high expectations in a climate where ongoing improvements are valued and achieved.

  • Education is a life-long process which offers great opportunity while imposing the responsibility of courage, integrity, and ethical conduct.

  • The learning process is more important than the outcome; knowing how to find an answer or ask a question is often more useful than the answer itself.

  • Teachers, administrators, and staff will flourish in a community that provides opportunities to grow, develop, and learn together in all aspects of their professional lives.